We are living in a time in history where more people than ever before are being impacted by war and violence.

Even if you or someone you love are not living in a war zone, you only need turn on the evening news, scroll through Facebook, turn on the radio, or read the newspaper or a magazine, to feel the impact. Our media is helping to spread the virus of bad news and violence with all of their sensationalized news reports.

Wouldn't You Love to be Part of the Solution for World-Wide Peace?

How would you like to:

  • Do something special to help yourself, your loved ones and every person on the planet?
  • Eliminate your personal, negative energetic charges and fears regarding war and violence?
  • Infuse and positively impact the Collective Consciousness and help turn the tide for peace throughout the world?
  • Eliminate destructive energies and home and throughout the world?
  • Change and upgrade your personal energies to a much higher, more positive level?

Just like dropping a single droplet of water into a pool, waves of positive frequencies begin to spread out, impacting those around us, and every human being on the planet. With enough people resonating at a higher frequency, we can ultimately bring peace to the planet!

As a conscious, awakening human being, you have an opportunity to help shift the energy of war and violence and create a new reality space filled with hope, empowerment, renewal, peace and unity.

It won't cost you a thing! It is my gift to you.

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Together we can effect powerful change and contribute our positive energies together in a tsunami of hope, peace, love and joy that will help change the human condition on this planet.

Countless Blessings!

Michelle Manning-Kogler



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